We already did many hiking tours in the Chiemgau mountains, but this one was really a highlight combining a nice and diverse ascent rewarded with a special view from the top. Therefore, I would like to recommend you this hike to enjoy the stunning view into the alps and the Kaiser mountains.

Before starting the tour Taubensee check if you packed all relevant items like enough water, some snacks, sunglasses, hiking sticks, and what I really like to recommend here is to treat certain places on the feet beforehand if you are at risk of blisters. There is nothing more stupid than to have pain because of blisters on the mountain and not be able to enjoy the hike properly. 

Three effective ways of prevention blisters:

  • Tape your feet
  • Wear a fine stocking underneath your hiking socks
  • Or what definitely is my highlight hint from a New Zealand doctor who saved me once with it during a hike in the Dolomites: Use the, Elastus silkskin* plaster this patch saves you from blisters and friction and can even be reused! I did not trust at the beginning, but after many tours that was the biggest help I could get.

Description of hiking tour Taubensee:

forest view

So let’s start our tour! After passing the small and curvy street you park your car 10 minutes away from the Streichenkapelle. We follow the forest trail (nr. 9) in direction of Taubensee and first pass the Peterer Almand afterwards the Donauer Alm. The first passage leads you through the forest and along meadows.

After a while we then come to the Kroatensteig, where the trail gets tinier and a bit bumpy. On the saddle you get a first view in the direction of Kössen/Reit im Winkel. Then follows a somewhat steeper descent. Here at the end we turn right and come to the Taubensee hut.

mountain view into the valley of Kössen

Now it is time to relax and enjoy the beautiful view into the valley of Kössen surrounded by the mountains.

For the descent we go back to the junction, we earlier turned right, and follow straight the direction to the lake Taubensee. We keep left along the water and watch out for the sign Luftbodensteig/Sauermöseralm. As soon as we see the marking nr. 9 we turn left and return over the forest trail to the Peterer Alm. The shortcut trail nr. 96 leads us back to the parking space.

Facts and figures hiking tour Taubensee:

  • Starting point: Schleching-Ettenhausen, parking lot below the Streichenkapelle
  • Duration: 2.5 â€“ 3 hours ascent and approx. 2 hours descent
  • Altitude meter: approx. 600 hm
  • Distance: approx. 8 km

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You are wondering where to take a very nice hiking tour close to Munich?

You can start the hiking tour to the Gedererwand from Hintergschwendt close to Bernau/Chiemsee. There is a big parking place you can leave your car. But be aware the parking is filled very quickly on a nice and sunny day. It will take you approximately 2 to 2.5 hours to the peak of the Gedererwand and around 1.5 hours to return again. Therefore it is a great tour for sunrise or sunset. We did the tour in the morning and started at 06.00 am which was absolutely fantastic as very few people where on the track. The hiking tour Gedererwand leads through beautiful forest and ends with a nice trail on the ridge.

As the most of the people take the hike to the famous Kampenwand, which definitely is also a very nice tour, you can escape the crowed by exploring the Gedererwand. After the parking lot you follow the signposts in the direction of Kampenwand and Steinlingalm. The forest trail is easy to walk even if it goes steeply upwards. You then come to a small chapel after which you need to keep left. Arrived at the Roßboden you now have to make a final decision, Kampenwand or Gedererwand.

Zwölferturm and Gedererwand

mountain view Chiemsee

Before you arrive to the peak of the Gedererwand you follow the tiny trail on the ridge of the mountain. Between the forest you can always keep an eye on the Kampenwand on the right. You then come to the first really nice viewpoint on the left which gives you a phenomenal view over the lake Chiemsee:

Over hill and dale we continue to the summit. Once there you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the Chiemgau area. You will see the Kampenwand in its entirety, the Hochplatte, Hochgern und Hochfelln and the “Bavarian sea” lake Chiemsee. There are no words to describe the feeling when reaching to the top and having this 360 degree view. While masses of people on the Kampenwand take the perfect trip photo, you sit almost alone opposite on the Gedererwand and can enjoy having nature to yourself. Breakfast tastes a lot better on the peak after the powering hike and with the stunning view after the hiking tour to the Gedererwand.

Descent from the Gedererwand

There is an alternative tour back from the Schmiedalm over an exuberant path very steeply past the Zwölferturm to Roßboden, but I would´recommed to return the same way. If you want to get a nice lunch or you even stay overnight in Hintergschwendt, the restaurant “Geschwendtner Stubn” is really delicious and is definitely worth to be visited. In times of COVID-19 it always makes sense to give them a call before coming.

Facts and figures hiking tour Gedererwand

  • Starting point: Hintergschwendt / after passing the Seiseralm at the very end of the road is a huge parking lot
  • Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours ascent and approx. 1.5 hours descent
  • Altitude meter: approx. 650 hm
  • Distance: approx. 12 km

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