Once Mallorca, always Mallorca. 
If not now when?

I had the opportunity to do an interview with Claudia and Stefan from the puppy station El Paraiso in Es Llomard, Mallorca. The two have given me in a very sympathetic and authentic way an insight into their greatest hobby. In addition, they also gave me useful hints about emigrating to Spain. A great and inspiring story that the two have to tell. 

Watch the lifestyle inspiration video of the puppy station El Paraiso here:

Are you still looking for something that excites you, be it a job or a hobby that you really like and are passionate about? I would like to take you with me on my journey showing different lifestyle inspiration videos. These will give you an insight into the life stories of people who tell you about their work with a sparkle in their eyes. 

When I was at Claudia and Stefan’s finca, I got exactly this impression. Wow, that’s a great story to pass on. Of course, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to do such a commitment for animals part-time. But it doesn’t have to be exactly this idea. In each of us there are talents and interests, which one must only permit and notice. Even if that is not always easy in an everyday life to get rid of all the things that still have to be done. Nevertheless, one should ask oneself whether finding out one’s own passion is not actually much more important. 

Click into the video above and be curious what the two have to tell us.

Learn how they got started,
what challenges they had,
what happens in the puppy station,
what tips for emigration they have, and
what is their strategy to find his vocation. 


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