Make digitalization to work for you! Find out how Doris and Rainer made their dream come true. 

What happens when a communications expert meets an IT developer? Rayaworx.

Wondering what exactly that is? A coworking space in the southeast of Mallorca in the idyllic village of Santanyi. It’s not just about providing a workspace, no it’s about much more: It’s about exchanging ideas with other people, it’s about gaining inspiration and new perspectives and it’s about having fun together and using the experimental space to try things out. After all, when you enjoy doing something, that’s when it gets really good. 


Watch the lifestyle inspiration video of the Coworking Space Rayaworx here:

In this interview above, Doris and Rainer talk about how they came up with the idea of emigrating and founding a coworking space, and give you valuable tips on finding your own passion. 

This interview series is meant to give you versatile insights into different life plans. Why do I think this is so important? Because nowadays you can’t see the forest for the trees. There are so many offers, job opportunities, and leisure activities, that sometimes you don’t know how to find what really fulfills you. My interview partners have found that certain something in their lives and are happy to give you tips on how you can also soon be completely satisfied and happy. At the end of the day, you are the designer of your life and you can shape your life every day the way you want it to be. Sometimes it takes a while to see results and sometimes it’s not so easy to change something, but it’s worth trying it. Break down your goals and proceed step-by-step, be curious and try yourself. There are strengths and interests in each of us, you have to discover and exploit them. 

Click into the lifestyle inspiration video above and be curious what the two have to tell us.

interview partners rayaworx

Ask yourself, what did you like to do as a child? And then ask yourself, why did you stop?

If you feel like getting to know Doris and Rainer, stop by Rayaworx in Santanyi. I promise you, you will also get a very good coffee. 🙂

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