I’m sure you also think about alternatives of travelling in these COVID-19 times. We decided to hire a camper van and cruise through Germany. It was a bright sunny Thursday and who has already been at the region of Lake Constance, knows how beautiful it is here in summer time. Many fruit and wine plantations are growing on the hills around the lake. The lake itself has a really turquoise color, so you just want to jump into the water and celebrate life. We decided to do a bike round trip at the Lake Constance combining biking and boat cruising. 

Round trip Überlingen lake tour, first stage Wallhausen and Constance

As we parked our camper on a park4night camping slot close to Überlingen, we decided to start the bike tour from there. We bought a bike tour ticket, which is quite affordable with 11 EUR per person and bike (2020) and then took the boat to Wallhausen. The boat ride takes around 20 minutes. From Wallhausen you follow a very nice bike trail around 11 km next to the lake. While driving you definitely wish to stay in one of the nice houses directed to the lake. You can also do a stop at the island Mainau, but you need to pay entrance to get access to the flower island. We kept on riding and ended in Constance where you finally cross the Rhein bridge to get to the harbor of Constance. Constance itself is a quite nice city with a pretty old town, which is definitely worth to visit. We enjoyed the lake view from a biergarden close to the lake and took a cooling swim from the side of Switzerland. 

Second stage Meersburg to Überlingen

The boat took us back within 20 minutes to the city Meersburg, which is on the lake side where we came from. Meersburg is also a nice place to visit. Next to the castle there are many shops, cafes and restaurants. As the city is a main attraction for tourists, we directly started our tour back to Überlingen. After leaving the main road, the trail leads you through the nature always following the waterside of the lake. Within around 12.5 km you reach Überlingen. The bike tour itself is very easy without any big hills to cross. The atmosphere of these places is incredible and you don’t want to miss this experience while staying at the Lake Constance. 

Facts and figures bike round trip at the Lake Constance:

  • Distance: Überlingen to Wallhausen with boat approx. 3 km; Wallhausen to Constance with bike approx. 11 km; Constance to Meersburg with boat approx. 4.5 km; Meersburg to Überlingen with bike approx. 12.5 km
  • Level: easy without any big altitude differences  

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