About me and my blog

Do you sometimes think about the direction life takes?

Escaping the daily routine by having new experiences, getting to know people and cultures and always accompanied by a sense of curiosity, describes exactly how I feel.

Since childhood, I was open to new discoveries, had a desire to try new things, and loved changes. Some people described me as a person who couldn’t settle down and found this drive exhausting in their eyes. Statements like, “I’m sorry you haven’t found the right job yet. Do you have to start traveling again, you just got back? Don’t you need a little more routine in your life?” Of course, questions like that make you think, and so I started my own journey. Does being different from the expected way of life really mean something negative? Why did I always seek to do things differently and try new things? 

A few words about myself

I’m born in Munich, Germany, I went to university and did my first big travel afterwards. Starting in the event industry I had many quite interesting jobs in marketing working for several agencies, a foundation and now working for a bigger international company. These years flew by. After I had worked many hours every week, simply switched from bed to work, feverishly going on weekends or holidays, I started asking myself where I’m seeking to.

I read many books, talked to people, watched videos and the answer seemed to be quite simple – you have to design your life by yourself, the best thing is to start right now. So I did, and had many turning points when I looked at my life, my interests and my hobbies, and finally I found my five big goals that I want to achieve in life. These form the word ZEBRA, each letter stands for one goal and reminds me daily in which direction I need to go. The name of this blog “zebration” is a combination of my five goals and the word “inspiration”.  You know that a zebra has the black and white strips on its body. But actually life is not black and white, it is about the colors in between. I experienced that being curious and different in many ways isn’t a bad thing at all, it actually turned out that my inner drive to experience new things has some positive impact.

What can you expect on this blog

In this blog I want to encourage you to start designing your life. I will share my success stories with you of how to escape the rat race and to live a life full of positive moments. Furthermore, you will find interviews with people I got to know who talk about their story of life and how they found their vocation.

Keep in mind, I’m a pretty normal person, I’m not an expert, but just a person who wants to share her experience to motivate you facilitating your change. While being on my page you will also get a glimpse of how I love all these flow moments, these crazy moments in life, while you are totally inspired. For me this happens especially when I’m backpacking, getting to know other countries and their cultures, but also when I’m doing sports like running, hiking, climbing, skiing or just enjoying the nature on my mountain bike.

I’m looking forward to having you on my blog and to starting the journey of a life full of inspiring moments.

If you do have questions, or you want to share your feelings, feel free to contact me at any time.

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